Configure how you want the cookie widget to display

All fields passed to configure are optional

  language: 'en',
  scrollToConsent: false,
  theme: {
    primaryColor: '#5FCF91',
    secondaryTextColor: '#979797',
    textColor: '#030303',
    titleColor: '#686868',
    positionX: 'left' // or 'right',


Configuring language

The default language of your Cookie Widget is the language that you set on the "Appearance" tab on the dashboard. The contents of your Micropolicies should be written in the default language of your Cookie Widget.

When you configure the language of your Cookie Widget at run time (e.g. with Confirmic('configure', { language: 'de' })), only the default translations provided by Confirmic are downloaded for the Micropolicies that we created for you when we scanned your website.

This means that if you created your own Micropolicies from scratch, they will not be translated automatically when you call Confirmic('configure', { language: ... }). Additionally, it also means that you cannot currently customise the title or content of the default translations.

We are working on improving this flexibility - if you would like more information, please get in touch.