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Error when I try to add one website

I am getting errors when I try to add a domain. In the page still scanning the domain, and not happens,
in console, I getting this:

Uncaught (in promise) Error: GraphQL error: insert into "project_preferences" ("project_id") values ($1) returning "id" - column "id" does not exist
at new t (ApolloError.ts:57:5)
at QueryManager.ts:1241:25
at Object.next (Observable.js:322:23)
at g (Observable.js:135:18)
at w (Observable.js:179:3)
at e.value (Observable.js:235:7)
at observables.ts:12:50
at Set.forEach ()
at Object.next (observables.ts:12:19)
at g (Observable.js:135:18)